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First, What strikes me time and again is the breadth and depth of rigorously trained, deeply committed healthcare…

I love running, I love meditation. In this blog I’m exploring how the two fit together.

#5 Drunk Crazy Monkeys (mind wandering) + My Marathon Run

July 24, 2021 — I finished my marathon! All of the races up here in the north were canceled and so I ran my own. Overall it was great. Some piercing ankle and hip…

Brandon Mehrgut and Bechara Saab. Shanghai, September 2019.

While the practice of meditation dates back thousands of years, only in the past 15 years has neuroscience provided insights into the neural mechanisms through which mindfulness builds stress resilience.

The following conversation between neuroscientist Bechara Saab and mindfulness trainer Brandon Mehrgut explores how the modern practice of mindfulness rewires the human brain.

Brandon Mehrgut is the founder of Shanghai Mindfulness, China’s largest English speaking Mindfulness community, and a certified trainer…

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